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x 0
Quest Drop = x1

Quest Rate = x1

Quest Reward = x1

Raid Boss Drop = x1
Gand Boss Drop = 1x
Buff Limit = No Limit
Raid and Grand Boss Drop Protection = 180 secs(3 min).
Party XP = 1.5x
Gm Shop till S Grade for adena, and S84 for Adena Coins
AIO Buffer Complete with special Buffs.
Any party member can invite, not only the leader.
L2 Dry has his own AutoFarm System. Check The Video In this LINK
Skills Learning via Teacher Npc, no book needed(Retail).

Safe Enchant +15 Máx Enchant +65
When a Blessed enchant is used and fails, the item returns to the safe enchant value (+15)