Server Rules:

Staff Related.
* Disrespectful attitude towards Staff Members is forbidden; Punishment: High - ranging from temporary ban to permanent ban on the user's machine. Staff members include all Administrators (Admins) and Game Masters (GMs). These rules also apply to Facebook.

Account Sharing & Third Party Systems.
* Using a program that allows for automated gameplay, such as a bot, is strictly forbidden. The Autofarm system provided by L2Dry is the only one permited.
* Accounts can be shared trough multiple players, but , L2Dry staff will not help if some item is stealed or they have been "missing". You decide to share your account information under your own responsability.

Bug Reporting & Bug Abuse

* Active exploitation of broken or unintended game mechanics will result in severals punishments.

* It is forbidden to share information about an exploit with anyone except the staff.

Chats & Community Behavoiur
* Actively engaging in slander, racism, real life threats, insults or highly disruptive behavior in the in-game chat is against the rules. L2Dry Staff will take the punishment decition in the momment, causing variations in the punishments acording to the behaviour.
* It is forbidden to impersonate a staff member in any way.
* offensive names are forbidden. They will result in a perma jail till the name is changed.

Lost Items

* L2Dry Staff can restore lost  items if the player has enought probes, then the Staff will contemplate if the item should be returned.

AIO Restrictions
AIO Characters can't enter instances.
AIO Characters can´t leave the city.
Penalization = AIO delete

Player Related and Server Info.
L2Dry will have always the most updated info on the "Features" page, the player must read and internalize them in any update advice from the Staff.

L2Dry reserves the right to change any of the existing rules or not, as it sees fit.

L2Dry informs: Ignorance of the rules does not imply their lack of execution, it is the player's responsibility to read and internalize
them to achieve a full stay on the server.